Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Hamro Doctor a clinic? Where is it located?
- Hamro Doctor is an online health care service provider and you can consult online with the doctor or book an appointment before visiting the hospital through Hamro Doctor Application and the website;  It is located in Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

2. How can I book an online consultation with a doctor and appointment before visiting a hospital?
-The online consultation and appointment can be booked by going through the 'Consultation' and 'Appointment' option respectively on the Hamro Doctor Application or the website;

3. Will I be prescribed medicine too if I consult online with the doctor?
- Yes. However, depending upon the seriousness of the patients' condition, certain terms, and conditions will be followed.

4. I prefer meeting the doctor in person. How can I do that?
- You can go to the 'Appointment' option on Hamro Doctor App or the website;, and book an appointment with a particular doctor in a particular hospital.

5. Do you guys sell medicines as well?
- You can get the detail of medicines on our site but we do not sell or deliver medicines.

6. Once I book the consultation, will the doctor call me or how do we have the conversation? 
- Once you book an online consultation, you can consult with the doctor on Hamro Doctor app and the website;  via chat, audio call, picture exchange, video call( if the doctor is comfortable) by clicking on the bell icon on the upper right side of the page on the app and  'My Consultation' option respectively.

7. How effective do you think an online consultation is and how/why should  I believe that an online consultation is gonna benefit me?
- Let us put the answer in points:

  • To get a specialty doctor at your convenient time. For instance, you might not get an appointment after a particular time or so. But, if you book an online consultation, you can talk to doctors about problems anytime or whenever the doctor is free.
  • Saves time. For instance, you might be working from 10 am to 5 pm and might have to take a leave to visit the doctor that might be hindered by the traffic while traveling. Moreover, you won't have to wait with the long queue during the global pandemic period.
  • Saves money. Saves traveling expenses that you spend while visiting the hospital. 
  • Flexible and convenient system for doctors. Hence, more effective. During an in-person consultation, a doctor has to examine a huge number of patients in a limited time. In contrast to that, doctors will be able to reply to your queries without any pressure and hence more effective and patients can take more benefits. 
  • * According to research, 70-75% of the problems can be treated by an online consultation with the right doctor. And, so on.

8. Are the doctors regarding all health problems available for the online consultation or is it only regarding few diseases?
- Doctors regarding almost all health issues are available for online consultation on Hamro Doctor App or the website;

9. What are the perks of having Doctors' information on Hamro Doctor's databases?
- Doctors' information on the databases helps doctors to gain more exposure to the patients and as a result, patients can know about the doctors, hospitals, clinics, and so on.

10. I am outside Nepal. How can I book an online consultation?
- That's not a problem at all. You can still book an online consultation with the doctors regarding the problem on the Hamro Doctor app or the website;