Benefits of Dry Fruits  

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Benefits of Dry Fruits:-

Dry fruits are one of the best and healthiest fruit with lots of nutritions. Dry fruits are prepared by extracting water either by sun drying or by dehydrators. They are good source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibres. Furthermore, dry fruits contains ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID which helps to prevent Heart Attack and other cardiac diseases.

top 4 benefits of casahews or kaju:

1. Cashew-nuts reduces cholesterol level thus helps in maintaining healthy heart

2. Cashews are good for brain and helps in smooth functioning of kidney.

3. Cashews increases blood count and thus solves the problem of anemia.

4. Cashews strengthens bones and muscles as they are abundant in magnesium.

top 4 benefits of raisins or kis-mis:

1. Raisins prevents cancer, reduce blood pressure and keeps heart healthy.

2. Consuming raisins improves digestion and also helps in constipation.

3. Raisins are good source of calcium and thus they strengthen bones.

4. Raisins and cashews increases blood count and also immune power.

top 4 benefits of pistachios:

1. pistachios are energy booster and also helps in maintaining good eye sight.

2. pistachios reduces acne, skin dryness, sign of aging and there by provides glow to the skin.

3. They boosts immunity, also improves digestion and helps in maintaining healthy heart.

4. Pistachios helps in reducing hair fall, increase in hair growth and thus maintains strong and healthy hair.

top 5 benefits of almonds or badam:

1. Almonds are eliminates bad cholesterol and thus is good for heart.

2. Soaking almond in water the previous day and consuming it the next day improves memory power in children.

3. Almonds improves digestion and increase sperm count.

4. Almonds are good for eyes, strong bones and muscles.

top 4 benefits of walnut or akrot:

1. Walnut prevents heart diseases thus maintaining healthy heart and blood circulation.

2. They are energy and memory boosters, reduces bad cholesterol, acidity and also increases resistance power.

3. Walnut increases in sperm count in men, reduce risk of diabetes and also maintains healthy bones.

4. Walnuts improves digestion and also good for constipation problem.

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