CT- scan and MRI centers in Kathmandu  

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What is CT-scan?

Computed tomography (CT) is an imaging technique that combines a series of X-ray images taken at different angles and uses a computer to create images from these x-rays. It is widely available, fast, and provides a detailed view of the internal organs and structures. The amount of radiation involved in CT scans can be concerning and harmful. It is thought that radiation exposure during each scan is equivalent to between a few months and years of exposure to natural radiation from the environment. After many years, the chances of developing cancer through exposure are thought to be very small (less than 1 in 2000). Also, it is not advisable to use CT-scan for pregnant women.

Common uses for a CT scan is to detect:
•    Internal organ tumor 
•    Fractures
•    Internal bleeding
•    Blood vessel disease

What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging technology that uses nonionizing radiofrequency (RF) radiation inside a strong magnetic field to detect protons' location and local chemical environment. It provides essential information on various internal organs inside the body. It can be used as a diagnostic technique to detect disease throughout the body and used when other test fails to provide a sufficient patient's diagnosis. The most significant risk of an MRI is that any magnetic implant (dental implants, cardiac implants, aneurysm chip) can come under the influence. This can cause an implant to be displaced or overheated.

MRI scans are usually to diagnose diseases associated with bones, organs, and joints, including those that affect the:
•    Brain injuries including tumors
•    Spinal conditions/injuries
•    Sport injuries
•    Musculoskeletal problems
•    Blood vessel abnormalities

What is the cost of CT-scan and MRI in Nepal?

The cost of a CT Scan and MRI can vary according to the type of scans and its features. However, the price of a CT-scan can range from Rs: 3000/- to 6000/- while the cost of an MRI scan can vary from Rs. 7000/- to 12000/-


CT-Scan and MRI Centers in Kathmandu

S.No. Name Address Government/Private Contact No.
1 Tribhuvan University and Teaching Hospital (TUTH) Maharajgun Government 01-4412303
2 Sukra Raj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital Teku Government 01-4253396
3 Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) Patan Government 01-5545112
4 Bir Hospital, Kathmandu Kanti Path Government 01-4221988
5 Nepal Police Hospital Pani-Pokhari Government 01-4412530
6 Prasuti Griha Thapathali Government 01-4260405
7 Birendra Army Hospital Chhauni Government 01-4274019
8 Civil Service Hospital New Baneshwor Government 01-4107000
9 Kanti Children’s Hospital Maharajgunj Government 01-4411550/4413398
10 Tesla Diagnostic Clinic Baluwatar Private 01-4446031
11 Vayodha Hospital Balkhu Private 977-1-4286428
12 Manmohan Memorial Medical Collegeand Teaching Hospital Swayambhu Private 977-1-5247314 / 15 / 16 / 17
13 Grande International Hospital Dhapasi-4 Private 01-5159266
14 Sooriya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Lazimpat-2 Private 01-4411661
15 B. & B. Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Gwarko Private +977-1-5531933
16 Kantipur Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd. New Baneshwor Private 01-4110882
17 Madhyapur Hospital Pvt Ltd. Thimi Private 01-5093395,015093372, 015093388
18 Kathmandu Medical College Sinamangal Private 01-4469064
19 Star Hospital, Kathmandu Sanepa Private 01-5540478
20 HAMS hospital, Dhumbarahi Private 01-4377404
21 Nepal Mediciti Bhaisipati Private 01-4217766
22 Blue Cross Hospital Tirpureswor Private 01-4262027, 01-4261796
23 Metro Radiology and Imaging Naxal Private 977-1-4435200 /4435400 /4423805 / 4413250
23 Alka Hospital (P) Ltd Jawalakhel Private 01-5555555, 01-5551555
24 Om Hospital & Research Center Chabahil Private 01-4476225
25 National Medicare Hospital & Research Center Chabahil Chowk Private 01-4467067
26 Suvekchya Int´l Hospital & Research Center Sitapaila Private 01-4289534+977-01-4289535+977-01-4302028
27 Annapurna Neurological Institue and Allied Sciences Maitighar Mandala Private 01-4256656, 4256568
28 Upendra Devkota Memorial NationalInstitute Of Neurological And Allied Science Bansbari Private 01-4373850, 4379010


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