Corona-Virus in Nepal: Second Wave is not Far  

Blog   Ayush Chandra, MBBS  on Mon, Aug 17 2020 10:04 PM 2455 Views 0 Comments No recommendations yet !!!

After COVID-19, cases were not seen raised in Nepal during the first outbreak. It could be due to the negligence of the importance of nationwide testing or some other reason. As we see now cases are spiking again in major parts in Nepal, and fears of second waves are real but thinking of second wave sounds like stuff of nightmare. Experts have warned that there is a big wave of infection approaching towards the world. There are list of authorities around the world re-imposing corona-virus linked lockdowns and is growing, for example, California, USA has banned going to bars and eating in restaurants. Germany had flattened the curve long back when we here had one case similar goes to china as well but yet they are hit by second wave of COVID-19 regardless of their preparedness.

Similarly, authorities of South Africa have also re-imposed curfew from last two weeks as they were hit by second wave of coronavirus. As there are no vaccines being made yet millions of lives across the world will face similar prospects if COVID-19 cases continue growing like this. Earlier it was said that COVID-19 second wave may hit again in winter but it seems like COVID-19 is full of surprises. Example, Israel a country which managed the first wave brilliantly but now it is struggling hit of the second wave of new corona-virus. Besides, the new normal widely practiced around the word in offices, banks, restaurants, hospitals, etc. are checking body temperature, writing travel details, addresses along with contact details to track if found corona infected, country is unable to control rising cases.

People have lost jobs during the lockdown of first wave of corona-virus outbreak, if second waves is not controlled early this might result to nightmare for those as the recovery period will be prolonged especially in countries like Nepal where the population are not financially sound. Young working people on whom whole families are financially dependent are worried about their health issues and economic situations because if second wave is real then they are at high risks cause now the corona-virus is not limited to people in 60s. 

Earlier, Nepal imposed lockdown for several months but after they uplifted, without proper vision as public transportation was started, people were allowed for long distance travel without any control, which might cost us very badly as it can result in invitation of second wave with community spread. The reality in Nepal was not ready and is still not ready for corona-virus as there is lack of well equipped hospitals with not enough ventilators, not so well facilitated quarantine centers, not enough personal protective gears for front-liners which are risking lives of huge number of population. The roads inside the capital looks scary as vehicles are lining up as it seems like corona-virus has been eradicated , but the reality says different story as we are being shadowed by second yet bigger waves of new corona-virus unannounced and unidentified. The only demand of the situation is immediate nation-wide lockdown.

There are not strategic preparation as “what would have happen after lockdown was uplifted” or “what we see now is second wave” which is a result of inaction and negligence during the first wave and unfortunate that Nepal carried out nation-wide lockdown when the case was “ZERO” but not now when it is necessary as the cases have crossed 20,000 mark with multiple deaths on our hand in the country of only 28 million population. We had enough time during the first wave but then we joked around and underestimated new corona-virus as it will not reach Nepal and if does so our immunity is strong enough to handle it. Earlier, People used to say that Nepalese immunity is so strong that coronavirus will not affect any Nepalese, but it seems like coronavirus has proved these theories wrong shows the day to day rise in COVID cases in Nepal. As now when we have seen how dangerous this virus can be, still we are repeating same mistake as government is delaying to act and putting up lockdown once again when it needed most and can be protective shield for second wave. As of current situation second wave sounds like stuff of nightmare. My suggestion in current time would be the immediate shutdown of the country which will help control the rise of cases. I think authorities should not be in dilemma as we did lockdown when it was least needed, but the country needs lockdown now.

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