COVID-19 | Our Immune system   

Article   Dr. Anand Prajapati  on Fri, Apr 17 2020 09:29 PM 2034 Views 0 Comments 3 persons recommended

Namaste ! Our Body is Wonderful and Beautiful. Whenever our body encounters pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungi, parasite, foreign cells), sometimes body's own cells , cancer cells etc., the body responds against it by identifying, mounting attack, eliminating from body and remembering them for faster action next time. Thus protecting from their harmful activities. This is defense mechanism of body We call it Our Immune System. Immune system comprises of various organs, tissues, cells and molecules. Usually the immune response against pathogen takes a week or more to clear pathogen. In some cases it may prolonged taking months to year causing chronic inflammation. when one gets coronavirus disease (COVID-19) , the causative virus Sars-Cov 2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome- coronavirus 2) enters respiratory tract (can infect other part of body too) and attacks important cells of alveoli which is core structure of respiratory system. The damage of alveolar structure leads to disruption in gas exchange. Death of infected cell triggers immune cells to response.During immune response against pathogen, immune cells (WBCs including B-cell, T-cell, NK cells, Macrophages, Dendritic cells and Monocytes) produces Cytokines which signal more immune cells to migrate from blood vessels into inflammation sites. This causes immune cell infiltration, tissue damage, capillaries leakage, fluid build up in alveoli along with destruction of infected cell containing virus. At the same time regenerative processes and resolution of damage are initiated. In most cases, function can be completely restored by this way. Antibodies are produced by specific immune cells (plasma cells matured form of B-cells) in large quantities to spot the pathogens and mount the attack. CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells helps to clone military in large numbers and destruction of pathogens respectively. However, in some cases severe inflammation associated with overproduction of cytokines called "Cytokine Storm" leads to diffuse alveolar damage, hyaline membrane formation, fibrin exudates and fibrotic healing causing ARDS leading to persistent respiratory failure. Moreover, severe inflammatory cytokines may spill over into circulation causing systemic cytokine storm leading to septic shock and multiple organ failure (heart, kidneys, brain..). Our immune system compromised with old age, uncontrolled Diabetes, unstable blood pressure, Heart disease, Damaged Lungs, Poor diet and nutrition, Poor hygiene etc. These are the reason for most of ongoing deaths of COVID-19 patients. Because Covid-19 is more contagious, the cases of infection rises exponentially overwhelming the medical facility, drugs, equipments and staffs. This causes inefficient management of individual patient. Lack of specific effective antiviral drugs. These are other reasons for deaths. Body's immune system can win against COVID-19 most of the times. 90-96% of infected gets recover. We don't need to panic. Caring elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions, isolating sick one, maintaining travel ban and social distancing will greatly helps to reduce no. of cases and deaths. Personal hygiene esp. sanitizing hands, using masks, avoiding face touch (eyes,nose,mouth) are effective way to prevent infection. Beacuse in any infection our fate depends on our immune capacity, We should make it stronger and skillfull Smoking cessation, excessive Alcohol avoidance, Regular physical excercise, meditation, rehydrating body, consuming turmeric, garlic , green vegetables and fresh fruits, milk are few great ways to boost our immune system. Above all, world will be beautiful and evergreen if all other living creature are also cared, respected and saved. It's Nature's turnover. We unbalanced something for sure. Let them enjoy thier life as we do in this world. At this moment everything is amazing outside. Clear water of rivers, beaches, fresh smoke free air, chirping of birds, peaceful environment, clear sky and more.. This tells us we need to limit our activities.

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