Precaution from common cold  

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Common cold is a communicable disease that affects mostly throat and nose of human body. It's always harmless, although it'd not feel that way. Many types of viruses causes a standard common cold. Mostly children of age below 6 are at greatest risk of common cold, but adult also might possess 3 common cold annually. Most people might get a standard cold which result different difficulties. Symptoms might long last in you have smoking habit. Follow to the doctor, if the symptoms don't improve


Symptoms of common cold is seen after 2-3 days of common cold causing viruses. Symptoms may vary from people to people.

  1. Low fever
  2. Regular cough and congestion
  3. Pain in throat
  4. Felling unwell
  5. Stuffy and Running nose


There are many cold virus that causes common cold. Mostly common cold is caused by rhinovirus. This communicable disease is spread through many factors:

  1. Cold Virus
  2. Sneezing or cough, which may spread through air and many people might suffer from this.
  3. Handshaking to those people who have the common cold
  4. Contaminated clothes
  5. Lack of awareness


Risk Factor of getting Common Cold

: Chance of increasing of common cold

  1. Age Interval: Mostly children less than 6 years are affected, an adult might get 3 common cold in a year.
  2. More exposure in a surrounding which may increase your common cold
  3. Seasonal change
  4.  Decrease in immunity power
  5. Excessive smoking



  1. Asthma: An excessive common cold may lead to asthma
  2. Sinuses: If the common cold gets bad then it may lead to sinuses
  3. Ear Inflection: Ear inflection occurs when viruses enter behind the eardrum.
  4. Secondary inflection:The bad common cold might lead to bronchitis, pneumonia to children.

Prevention for the common cold

  1.  Make distance with people who are suffering from the common cold
  2. Avoid drinks and smoking
  3. Take care of your hygiene
  4. Use tissue for your coughing and sneezing, and deposit it safely, otherwise, other people might suffer from it.

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