Stigmatization Towards Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal  

Article   Dr. Richa Nepal  on Fri, Sep 04 2020 07:42 PM 1408 Views 0 Comments 1 persons recommended


COVID-19 is a novel disease that accompanies itself with anxiety, fear, and social stigma. As the numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Nepal, many instances of stigmatization towards healthcare workers have come to light. Rather than motivating healthcare workers to work during these adverse times, they are being ostracized as carriers of COVID-19. Despite the risks, healthcare workers are bearing for themselves and their families, very little has been done to protect them.

Stigmas can be counteracted by awareness regarding this novel disease. It is important to aware people of correct practices and make them realize that this battle against COVID-19 can’t be won without healthcare workers. Ensuring the safety of healthcare workers must be the foremost
priority of the state.

Healthcare workers are the most valuable asset for every country, who must be protected from acts of stigmatization at the earliest.

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