What is Homeopathy?  

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Dr. Lalit Kumar Mishra

What is Homeopathy?

Homoeopathic or Homeopathy Scientific method of treatment which is highly effective, best of all offer no side effects  & no contraindication with, any other medicine or condition more than 300 million people in the world using this method today.

History of Homoeopathy

In 1796 Dr Samuel Hahnemann From Germany introduces this special; method of treatment by seeing the people who suffer from side effects of other treatments methods.


Why Homoeopathy is Best?

= No side effect at all

= Natural method of treatment (medicines mainly form plant basics)

= Homoeopathy enhance natural immunity of the body

= No need to take medicine for a long time

= Medicines are easy to use

= Without Palliation homoeopathy helps you for a cure

= The smallest possible dose of the medicine stimulates a vital response


Treatments Available

= Orthopaedic disorders Ex: LBP, Osteoporosis  

= Gastroenterology disorders,                                     

= Respiratory disorders, (Asthma)                          

= Varicose Vein,

= Skin disorders. Ex: rashes, pimples, leucoderma

= Female disorders.

= Kidney disorders Ex: Kidney Stones

= Acute fever & coryza

= Coms

=Pediactri disorders

= Sprain, Bruises

= Parkinsonism

= Infertility

= Liver disorders (Fattylver, Cirrinosis)

= Fistula, Fissures

= Weakness

= Obesity

= diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension

= Premature hair greying, hair loss, dandruff

= Hearts ds

= Thyroid

= Mental Disorders Ex: Depression


Do & Don’t s While Using The Medicine

> Avoid caffeine-containing beverages & foods

> Take the whole medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

> Homoeopathy can use with any other medicines.

> For the Permanent cure keep using Homoeopathic Medicine With the Patience & good understanding

> Do Not Touch the medicines Always Take it By Using The Cap.



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