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3 months ago

Hello Dr I want to thank you for viewing my query and responding to it. I had protected vaginal sexual intercourse. On 8th day, i started fever 99.5 with chills, fatigue, sore throat unilateral ( right side), difficulty swallowing. On examination, Right Upper Jugular Lymphadenopathy felt. I also found erethematous tonsil on right side with with patches over it( looked using camera recording). No other LAD. 10th day i took Amoxicillin - Clavulumate 625 mg and the fever subsided and all symtoms. Sore throat recovered after 5 days. I can still feel lymphadenopathy (for 3 weeks). No history of diarrhoea, oral ulcers However, i suspect i have anal fissure on 17th day( painful defecation) and have now healed to much extent on 26th day without any treatment. 20th Day Labaoratory 4th generation P24 Ag-Ab ELISA test reveals Non reactive. On 25th day, there was erethematous rash started to occur by evening and was extremely Itchy by Night. Generalized erethematous Rash Itchy present over chest, back, neck, both extremities upper and lower but not on Face. Took cetrizine 1 tab and has now subsided. Gave blood sample for HIV-1 RNA qualitative PCR test. Send to other country( so will take time). Give me genuine advice on the RASH and 8th SYMPTOMS. 1. Is it associated with HIV. PLEASE RESPOND ABOUT THE RASH AND SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATION WITH HIV.

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