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4 months ago

My younger sister is sixteen years old and she suffering from headache time to time for couple of months. We checked her with general doctor one time they gave her headache medicine but after taking it ,at first headache become more intense then it gave relieve and she also used jhandu balm on her forehead which make the headache area very sensitive and numb . Her left side of head nerves give headache like in form of (sirka) electrics in heart beat throbbing. Now days she always head mild headache and time to time it become intense, is it because of tension for slc or is it the symptoms of migraine. She used to say she had little headache when she was child also but not serious and most important my mother used to have migraine and passed way 4 years ago from headache. Can migraine be genetics. My family is poor and there no good neurologist here also, where should i go for good checkup and also recommend me good public hospital for brain checkup. Is all the symptoms are of migraine, is it serious? what should we do, please anyone help me and answer my question.

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