What causes panic attacks?  

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Panic attack is a period of extreme fear or nervousness of sudden onset.  It generally results in a physical reaction when actual damage doesn’t occur.
The sufferer might think that he is losing control of oneself, having a deadly disease or even dying. Sometimes it’s usual to have panic arising due to a particular fearful condition, but if it is recurrent and unexpected then it is labeled as panic disorder. These conditions aren't considered life threatening but affect quality of life.

What are the causes of panic attacks?

It is not known exactly what causes panic attack. Some researchers have suggested the role of genetics linked to panic attack. Some form of stress and dreadful conditions in past may also have recurring flashbacks of the events resulting in panic attacks. 

Substance abuse in form of illicit drug use, smoking tobacco, marijuana have also shown to be associated with panic attacks.

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What symptoms do you have?

  •     Rapid heart rate
  •     Sense of impending doom or fear of death
  •     Sweating
  •     Trembling
  •     Difficulty in breathing, 
  •     Chills
  •     Hot flashes
  •     Dizziness
  •     Nausea and abdominal cramping

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How can you treat panic attack?

If the panic attack is really troublesome and disturbing, it needs to be visited to the psychiatrist for the evaluation and further treatment. The psychiatric doctor takes your detailed history and look for the causes and other associations. Then your doctor might treat you with some medications or psychotherapy that includes some lifestyle modifications.

What should you do if you have panic attack?

First be assure, there is nothing serious happened to you. This is just a condition of fear. Be calm. Take rest and drink lukewarm water and try to forget what had happened to you. Engage yourself to some works. Watch TV or roam around and keep yourself busy.

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