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‘Whole Body Check-up’ is popular among the people nowadays as it is heard by many. It's a good thing that people have now become conscious about their health. Whole body check-up or Full body check-up are packages of tests done for screening or to find out any hidden diseases. Generally, we don't go to hospital and do check-up until we have health problems. But regular checkup of one's health parameters and investigations will help to find the disease early.

Is the Full Body Check-up essential?

The unhealthy lifestyle and food habits of the people have made them more prone to different non-communicable diseases. Such diseases don't have any symptoms in early days and later might result in complications. Thus, it is advised to have regular health check-ups after a definite age, generally, after 40 years of age. Screening of the diseases by means of examination and investigations have found to be effective in detecting it early by various researches. So, it's wise to have investigations done earlier than the detection of the disease in its late stage. As it is said, "Prevention is better than cure."

Which tests are included in the Regular Full Body Checkup Package?

The things to be checked in the people in the whole body checkup differs according to gender and age. But there are few things that are common and should be included in all people. After 40 years of age, people are more prone to suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol and high blood sugar level. So blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level should be examined regularly in such people. Following are the basic tests to be included in the whole body check up for the adults above 40 years of age.

1. Blood sugar: Sedentary lifestyle has increased the case of diabetes in elderly population. Genetic factor is also one of the main causes for increase in sugar level in blood. It's wise to test the blood sugar after 40 years of age to know its level. 

2. Complete blood count: The complete blood count that includes Hemoglobin level, and cell counts also help to know if we have anemia or any infection ongoing in the body. Anemia is major symptom in many diseases of female and elderly people.

3. Renal Function test: Kidney function test that includes creatinine level should be done that helps to know the status of kidney. This is much important in people having high blood pressure and sugar.

4. Lipid profile test: This test is suggested for the elderly person and is much required if the person is obese. Total cholesterol, triacylglycerides and other different types of cholesterol levels are  measured in this test.

5. Thyroid function test: It is the test of thyroid hormone level in the body and to know if the thyroid gland is functioning or not. Mainly females with the menstrual abnormalities should do this test to know if there is any problem in thyroid hormone level.

6. Urine routine examination(Urine R/E): Routine examination of urine helps to know if there is any infection of kidney or albumin in urine that determine kidney function.

7. USG abdomen and pelvis: It's better to do USG abdomen if not done any time in the past to see if there is any abnormality.

8. Doctors consultation: Blood pressure and BMI measurement is also necessary during the whole body check up to know the health statis. If BMI is higher than normal, one should go for decreasing the weight. Other special tests should be done if there is any indication or mentioned by the doctor after consultation.

So basic things that should be included in whole body checkup package is:

  • Doctors consultation with Blood pressure and BMI measurement
  • Blood sugar
  • Complete blood count
  • Renal Function Test (Creatinine)
  • Lipid profile test
  • Thyroid function test
  • Urine routine examination
  • USG abdomen and pelvis (if not done earlier)

Other optional tests

Besides the tests mentioned above there are several tests that everyone doesn't need to do but people with different risk factors depending upon their age, gender and family history of diseases. Other various tests that can also be included in regular body check up package includes:

9. Liver function test: It tests the function of the liver. Total protein and albumin level, bilirubin (jaundice) level are tested under this category.

10. Uric acid level: This test is recommended by doctors if the patient is having pain in joints. It helps to know if the patient has gout or kidney stones.

11. Vitamin B12 test: Mostly vegetarian people who don't consume meats, fish, eggs need to do this test at a regular interval of time as Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products. If deficient in this Vitamin, one should take a Vitamin B12 capsule.

12. Vitamin D test: Older age group people who may have backache, fatigue and weakness are suggested to do this test after the suggestion from the doctor.

12. Stool examination: Stool examination can also be done if the person is having a problem of indigestion or abnormality in stool. Occult blood in stool test should be done by the person whose family members have a history of cancer of colon or digestive tract.

13. ECG: Electrocardiogram or ECG can be done by old age population to know if there is any problem in the heart. The initial abnormality of heart conditions like; heart attacks, irregular heartbeat can be found through the ECG. So one can do ECG after the consultation with a doctor.

14. Chest X ray: Chest X ray is only required if there are/were any problems in chest. It is generally done for the person going abroad and doing a medical examination.


Which is the best hospital to do Whole Body Check-up?

Different hospitals, clinics and labs have now come up with various packages of whole body checkup and it may include different tests. The price may vary upon the different centers and according to the number of tests included. It's better to have a doctor's consultation first to know if all tests are necessary or if any extra tests need to be added. So the package with the doctor's consultation is better. So it's wise to learn about the tests included in the whole body packages first and then go for it.

Which is the best hospital to do full Body Check-up in Kathmandu?

There are various hospitals, labs and clinics providing whole body check-up packages in Kathmandu. One can also consult with a doctor in any hospital and go to the National Public Health Reference Laboratory in Teku and do the tests there. It's the central government lab with cheaper prices.Other different private hospitals, clinics and private labs are also providing quality services at affordable costs.

Hamro Doctor also provides the platform to book the Whole Body Package in the different hospitals and clinics. You can compare the rates and see the tests included in the packages of hospitals and clinics on the site; www.hamrodoctor.com or the app; Hamro Doctor and buy the health package through the app or site.. Payment can be done through the mobile wallets and e-banking sites.

Click the given link to compare rates and tests of different hospitals and clinics providing the full-body check-up packages in Kathmandu.

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