Time Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Bakhundole 3, Lalitpur

TIME Pharmaceuticals has made a remarkable presence in the Nepali Pharmaceutical market with a glorious 25 years history, catering more than 180 products of major therapeutic segments. With a slogan of  "Touching Lives; Delivering Promises, TIME Pharmaceuticals produces a therapeutic product portfolio that matches the international class and offers the best services which is required in the better health care delivery system."

 Our 35,000 sq. ft. plus ultra-modern state of art manufacturing plant is located in Gaidakot-10, Nawalpur 12 Km west from Narayanghat. Our plant has successfully integrated multi-technology capability to manufacture various types of dosage forms including Capsules/Eye-Ear Drops/Delayed/Extended/Immediate Release Tablets/Dry Syrup/Creams/Ointment etc. Highly skilled and motivated human resource drives the company with strong passion to build up as one of the leading pharmaceuticals industry in Nepal.

TIME Pharmaceuticals applies quality assurance system to organize its activities in such a way that technical, administrative and human factors are well managed and controlled to enhance the quality of its product.

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