Asked by Liam Kerrigan

1 month ago

Hi, I fell on my elbow, had an inflamed tendon preventing me from extending my arm fully for a couple of weeks and an infection, the wound took 2 months to heal as it got infected but did heal up fine, it was xrayed and all seemed fine. It's now been 8 months, the point of my elbow doesn't feel as smooth as the other one now, it hurts a lot more when I bang that elbow and I'd how much more varies on the day, sometimes it feels like it's more susceptible to hurt than others, it always hurts when I do specific exercises like press ups or bicep curls and tricep overhead extensions (those hurt the most), the pain is like a strong stinging pain right around the point of my elbow. I wanted to ask if this sounds like any specific injury or condition and what I should do? I'd really like to resume training but I can't do my full workout like this as I was advised not to push through the pain. (Although if it's safe to push through I'd like too)

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